Shaved Hairstyles for Women

When you take the list of hairstyles you will be able to find a lot of lists among them you will be in a hurry to try all of them. Many people do not like to have lengthy hair instead they will make their hair cut into a smaller one. There are varieties of shaved hairstyles for women and that is explained in this article you can continue reading it.

X design

You can share your hair like an X design at the back of your head. Making use of this kind of hairstyle will make people get more attractive and also make you look in a freaky way.

Underneath shaving

One side of your hair can be removed w

hich will give you a wild effect and this can be done in lengthy hair. To make those hair look highlighting you can make use of the dye.

Shaved Hairstyles for WomenShaved temple

You can have a bobcat along with that this shaved temple will make your look to be attractive. This type of hairstyle can be done up with a red color which will be a good effect.

Start design

People having long hair can make use of this design where a star will be shaved at the back of your head and when you wear a pony this will show off.

Curly shave

At the side of your head, you can make curly designs where this will be exposed out when you make one sale of your hair to flip to the other side. When you reach out for a party this type of design will make you look attractive and this will grab the eyes of many people.


You can make use of the crosscut where people will get confused about where the shape is getting started and also where it ends. When you get this cross-cut to your hair you can even color your hair which will highlight your hair and also make the shaved area to expose out clearly.

Bottom line

These are some of the bold shaved hairstyle ideas for women, which you can apply them if you wanted to look quite trendy and also freaky. From the help of this article, you would have come to know about how to make use of this kind of shaving ideas among them it is your wish to select the one that will be suitable for your face.